"He only deserves to be remembered who treasures up and preserves the history of his ancestors."
--Edmund Burke.

*** 3396 ***

Peter S. Bodenhamer appears on the Davidson County, North Carolina, tax lists from 1833 through 1836. He paid taxes on 200 acres of land in 1834. Since one had to be 21 years of age to own land he was born by 1812. This age is also verified in ensuing censuses. His birthplace is listed as Germany and in some records as Baden. On the death certificate of his son, McKenzie James1, it too states that Peter S. was born in Germany. He voted twice in the 1835 Davidson County elections. In the 1830 census Peter S. is shown with a wife and three girls. At age 18 this seems young to be the father of three and it is possible these were other children living with him. In all probability he had just come from Germany prior to the 1830 census. Peter Bodenhamer was witness to the will of Henry Conrad 10 Jan. 1831: the elder Peter (2) Bodenhamer (see #3) had died a few days earlier. Since he came to Rowan County, North Carolina, where Christian (1) Bodenhamer (see #1) had settled one would assume they were related, unless of course it was happenstance. Neither theory has been proven but this line is included should a relationship be established. Peter S. married Mary E. Sink born 10 Dec. 1807--died 1 Apr. 1884 and she is buried in the Kernersville Methodist Church Cemetery with her son, McKenzie James1. Only present available records on Peter S. Bodenhamer are included in this study but more research is needed. At this time it would seem that Peter S. had more than one family because each Peter S. found in subsequent records leads one back to North Carolina. In the 1850 census of Davidson County, his name does not appear.

Children by Mary Sink
3397 Eliza J. 15-1850 25-1860
One Eliza J. Bodenhamer m. 27 Nov. 1862 Jesse Riggs.
+ 3398 McKenzie James1 b. 5 Mar. 1836
3399 Anna Elmira b. 3 Feb. 1845--d. 30 July 1916
m. in Forsyth Co., 13 Feb. 1868 Rufus Harmon b. 22 July1836--d. 14 Mar. 1919.
(In the 1860 census this daughter is shown as age 21 so the two ages do not agree.)

Peter S. Bodenhamer next appears in the Henderson County, North Carolina, census of
1850. He is a shoe and bootmaker age 37 years with a wife Frances 40 years. He owned land in
the county in 1855.
Children by Frances ( )
+ 3400 Harriet 10-1850
+ 3401 William Alfred B. 8 Feb. 1844
3402 Susanna M. 5-1850
m. in Transylvania Co., N. C., 20 Dec. 1862 H. A. Heath
3403 Henry 2/12-1850

By the 1860 census of Henderson County, Peter S. Bodenhamer was listed as age 47 with
a wife Lettie age 52 born in South Carolina. After 1853 Peter Bodenhamer married Letty
Brummett of Greenville, South Carolina. This union is well documented in the will of Thomas
Brummett and wife, Elizabeth, parents of Letty. Also there is a court case involving the sale of
slaves where Peter S. Bodenhamer and wife Letty are named.


+ 3401 William Alfred 16-1860
3402 Susan 13-1860
3403 Henry 9-1860

These are the children of Frances ( ) so she may have died in the early 1850's. In the bill
of complaint, mentioned above, it states "That Peter S. Bodenhamer despairing of issue or
children from the body of said Letty she not yet having any children..." Apparently Peter S.
Bodenhamer had no children by Lettie Brummett.
Records from here become clouded on Peter S. Bodenhamer. Grand-children of this
family remember that "Grandfather was born in Germany; his first wife was Mary Sink; and he
went to Williamsburg, Kentucky after the Civil War.
In the Kentucky Archives Peter appears with a wife Amelia (Bruce) Henson whom he
married 5 Oct. 1875 (marriage bond is on file with J. J. Rollins presiding clerk ), In the 1880

Peter Bodenhamer 68-1880
Permelia (b. Whitely Co.) 39-1880
(The marriage bond shows her as age 35 and Peter as 62.)
3404 Georgia M. 10-1880
(This child belongs to a previous wife)
3405 Edwin S. 5-1880 (1873-1951)
(This child belongs to a previous wife)
+ 3406 Osker E 3-1880.
3407 Arty M. 1-1880
b. 1878--d. 1959 m. Ed Richardson; Samuel Brown; Ben Bean.

Other children of this family named by descendants are:

3408 James
3409 Carrie (or Harriett)
m. () Oaks.
3410 Ellen b. 1888--d. 1955
m. Henry Housley
3411 Arthur d. at birth
+ 3412 Charles.

= 3398 =

McKenzie James1, son of Peter S. and Mary (Sink) Bodenhamer, was born in Davidson County,
North Carolina, 5 Mar. 1836--died 3 July 1916. In Guilford County, North Carolina, 12 Feb.
1868 he married Mary E. Orrell born 16 Mar. 1847--died 21 July 1901. She is buried in the
Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Mary E. Orrell was the daughter of L. D. born 19 Mar.
1811 -- died 27 Mar. 1869 and Eliza ( ) Orrell. McKenzie James1 is buried in the Kernersville
Main Street Methodist Church Cemetery with his mother. She was living with her son through
the 1880 census.
In 1874 in Forsyth County, M. J. Bodenhamer and wife, M. E., sold land.

3413 Villa F. 12-1880
3414 McKenzie J.1 9-1880
3415 Maggy M.b. June 1872
3416 Minnie A. (?) 6-1880
3417 William H. 4-1880
3418 Mary E. B. b. 27 Feb. 1876
+ 3419 Alonzo F.b. 12 Nov. 1880
3420 Anna E. b. 27 Sept. 1883.


Harriet, daughter of Peter S. And Frances ( ) Bodenhamer, was age 10 in the 1850 census of
Henderson County, North Carolina. She married James Boulding age 22 in the 1860 census and
lived next door to Peter Bodenhamer.
3421 Peter 2-1860.

= 3401 =

William Alfred, son of Peter S. and Frances ( ) Bodenhamer, was born in Henderson County,
North Carolina, 8 Feb. 1844--died 18 May 1908. He is buried in Hollis, Oklahoma. In the year
1869 he married Texanna Arledge born 9 Apr. 1850--died 15 Apr. 1925 in Dodson, Texas.
(Records for his family were furnished by Mrs. Cissy Ann Andes of Tucson, Arizona.)


3422 Walter b. 5 Sept. l869--d. 9 Jan. 1944
b. in Roundrock, Texas.
3423 Addieb. 20 Nov. 1872--d. 25 May 1968
b. Roundrock. m. 29 Jan. 1889 Fletcher Farrell.
3424 Ora Belle b. 7 June 1875--d. 16 Feb. 1967
b. Dallas. m. 22 Dec. 1897 Lawrence McNeil Goodman.
3425 Maud b. 20 Oct. 1876--d. 29 Sept. 1933
m. Amos McDowell.
3426 Fannie b. 11 Aug. 1882--d. 28 Nov. 1966
b. Gateville. m. Nathaniel B. Butcher.
3427 Eva Mae b. 1888
m. John Tice; ( ) Brown.
3428 William Alfred, Jr. b.- 9 Dec. 1891--d. 18 Oct. 1960
b. Brown Co. m. Ester Estelle Girior 6 Apr. 1928.
3429 Archie James b. 15 Sept. 1893
m. Mary Barnes.
3430 Kitty
m. Everette Woollridge.
3431 Alton
m. Ruby Newton

= 3406 =

Osker E. son of Peter and Permelia (Bruce) Bodenhamer, was age 3 in the 1880 census of
Whitley County, Kentucky. He married Barbara Parsons. Both she and Osker E. were killed in a
train wreck about1906 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


3432 Charles Van Buren b. 11 Feb. 1905
in Williamsburg, Ky. m. 27 May 1927 Eula Ree Bennett who d. 16 Nov. 1975 No
issue. Charles Van Buren Bodenheimer is living in Cincinnati, Ohio, and gave many of
the records for this family.

= 3412 =

Charles, son of Peter and Permelia (Bruce) Bodenhamer, married twice. His second wife was
Hattie Rogers. Only the name of one son is known. Charles is said to have moved to Texas
about 1908.
Child by first wife

+ 3433 Frank b. 15 Feb. 1901.

= 3419 =

Alonzo F. (sometimes called Lorenzo), son of McKenzie James1 and Mary E. (Orrell)
Bodenhamer, was born 12 Nov. 1880. He married Beulah H. Lyons born 1880.


3434 Mary Eloise b. 30 July 1907
(May have been others)

= 3433 =

Frank, son of Charles and ( ) Bodenhamer, was born 15 Feb. 1901--died 3 June 1966. About
1922 he married Lula Graham born 16 Nov. 1905.


3435 Cynthia May b. 2 May 1923
3436 Gutha (?) b. 24 Mar. 1926
3437 Kenneth b. 17 Apr. 1929
3438 Christine b. 13 July 1931
3439 Fay b. 27 July 1934
3440 Ray b. 27 July 1934
3441 Zona b. 14 Feb. 1937
3442 Arline b. 30 July 1939
3443 Garnold (?) b. 28 Aug. 1941
3444 Mary b. 10 Apr. 1944
3445 Rosa b. 21 Dec. 1946.

Peter S. Bodenhamer is buried near Williamsburg, Kentucky, in the Mountain View
Cemetery. "It is badly overgrown."


ANDES, Cissy Ann ( ) 3401 BODENHAMER, Ellen (Housley) 3410
ARLEDGE, Texanna 3401 Eva Mae (Tice) 3427
BARNES, Mary 3429 Fannie (Butcher) 3426
BENNETT, Eula Ree 3432 Fay 3439
BODENHAMER, Addie (Farrell) 3423 Frank 3433
Alonzo F. 3419 Garnold (?) 3443
Alton 3431 Georgia M. 3404
Anna E. 3420 Gutha (?) 3436
Anna Elmira (Harmon) 3399 Harriet (Boulding) 3400
Archie James 3429 Henry 3403
Arline 3442 James 3408
Arthur 3411 Kenneth 3437
Arty M. (Richardson) (Brown) Kitty (Woolridge) 3430
(Bean) 3407 Maggy M. 3415
Carrie (Oaks) 3409 Mary 3444
Charles 3412 Mary E. B. 3418
Charles Van Buren 3432 Mary Eloise 3434
Christine 3438 Maude (McDowell) 3425
Cynthia May 3435 McKenzie J.1 3414
Edwin S. 3405 McKenzie James1 3398
Eliza J. 3397 Minnie A. (?) 3416
Ora Belle (Goodman) 3424
BODENHAMER, Osker E. 3406 FARRELL, Fletcher 3421
Peter 3421 GIRIOR, Ester Estelle 3428
Peter S. 3396 GOODMAN, Lawrence McNeil 3424
Ray 3440 GRAHAM, Lula 3433
Rosa 3445 HARMON, Rufus 3399
Susan 3402 HEATH, H. A. 3402
Susanna M. (Heath) 3402 HOUSLEY, Henry 3410
Villa F. 3413 LYONS, Beulah H. 3419
Waiter 3422 MCDOWELL, Amos 3425
William Alfred 3401 NEWTON, Ruby 3431
William Alfred, Jr. 3428 ORRELL, L. D. 3398
William H. 3417 Mary E. 3398
Zona 3441 PARSONS, Barbara 3406
BOULDING, James 3400 RIGGS, Jesse 3397
BRUCE, Amelia (Henson) 3396 ROGERS, Hattie 3412
BRUMMETT, Letty 3396 SINK, Mary E. 3396
Thomas 3396 TICE, John 3427
BUTCHER, Nathaniel 3426 WOOLLRIDGE, Everette 3430


1. McKenzie James - Correction from Colleen Holmquist, September 08, 2013:

"I just wanted to clarify the name of Mackenzie J (G) Bodenheimer son of Peter S and Mary Sink.  His name was actually Mackenzie Giles Bodenheimer or Bodenhamer.  But in a letter--which I have a copy of--written to his daughter, Mary Emma Belle Bodenheimer Vogler, in which he relates as much of his genealogy as he knew, he stated that his middle name was Giles but because he couldn't make capital Gs he always wrote a J instead.  His son was named Mackenzie James and so his name as he wrote it ,Mackenzie J, was often assumed to be James.  And I believe it may actually say James on his death certificate but that not correct."